While AMP excels in designing individual homes that are both sustainable and adaptable, we also specialize in providing solutions for large-scale, community development projects. In particular, our expertise lies in the realm of disaster relief and community reconstruction; we help develop models that allow communities to bounce back after disturbances. Most recently this has been in the form of reconstructing, rehabilitating, and elevating homes damaged by major floods through federal grant programs both in New York and Texas. AMP has incorporated full FEMA compliance in the design and scoping of over 100 homes, and is currently assisting contractors through the construction phases on many of these projects.

Not only does AMP help communities reestablish their functionality and vitality, we intentionally incorporate design features that allow them to resist and effectively handle pressures in the future. Our approach to establishing this framework incorporates flexibility, as each situation is very location-specific, yet with sufficient guidance to keep planning and response work on track (and without wasting resources). Additionally, our team is well-versed in living and working within culturally diverse communities, and our work has a strong focus on social equality and empowerment. Many of the projects on which we collaborate specifically target supporting low- to moderate- income families.  

Regardless of the scenario, AMP strives to create environments that enhance the social and economic fibers of the communities within.