A home is where people go to feel comfort and security.  A home is where family gathers and memories are made.  At AMP Architecture, we provide a service to our clients that meet their needs for their "home".  We believe in listening to our clients’ ideas of a perfect home, how they interact with the space, what the spaces are used for, and how the home will be used in the future.  Dreaming up spaces is a collaboration between the client and architect; it is the architect's job to understand the clients’ desires and to meet their expectations.

Our focus on design is to provide spaces that are unique and change throughout the experience of the home.  We concentrate on the details, and use different materials to create different senses throughout the home.  It is important to understand that planning creates form, and that form is not created without proper planning.  The planning of a home should be based on function, and the different uses of the home.  Form should be secondary to function, once this is understood correctly architecture is created.

AMP's principal, Anthony Portillo, has spent his career designing high end residential spaces, from ground-up to re-design of existing structures.  Not only does Anthony understand the importance of the exterior form, he has a sense for interior spaces and can picture the spaces prior to their creation.  He has concentrated on custom design interiors and exteriors for many years.  In the end, AMP wants our clients to feel like they are "home".